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Theosophical sites

Jul 15, 1998 02:28 PM
by K. Zaitzev

Hello MKR!

Below is a listing of some sites but not all of them are theosophical.
I would also add to it my site & my firiend's Uri's  sorry, i cant edit it this ...g unix,
Note also the reference to roadmap at www.blavatsky .net - it's the
best collection of theosophical sites.

<CENTER><H2>Other pages which may be of your interest</H1></CENTER>
<a href="";></a> Theosophy International: Ancient Wisdom for a New Age<P>
<a href="";></a> Theosophy International: Page held by Martin Euser<P>
<a href="";></a> Theosophical Society in America<P>
<a href="";></a> Theosophical page held by Rodolfo Don<P>
<a href="";></a> Theosophical Society (Pasadena)<P>
<a href="";></a> Blavatsky Net - big collection of texts<P>
<a href="";></a> Bradford Theosophical Society<P>
<a href="";></a> Theosophy-WWW maintained by Paul Gillingwater<P>
<a href="";></a> Sprirtual Library (great enough)<P>
<a href="";></a> Rosencruician order<P>
<a href="";></a> Jack in the Box library (Russian)<P>
<a href="";></a> Mirrorsite of Jack in the Box<P>
<a href="";></a> The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)<P>
<a href="";></a> Magi's guide to Internet homepage<P>
<a href="";></a> New Age vs New Thought Movement<P>
<a href="";></a> A site with a good portion New Age<P>
<a href="";></a> Site where all Buddhistic texts are being collected<P>
<a href="";></a> Links to a huge number of sites regarding classical stuff<P>
<a href="";></a> Uri BBS (Russian)<P>
<a href="";></a> Sukhavati (Russian)<P>
<a href="";></a> Some good Spanish material as well as material in English <P>
<a href="";></a> Buddhism (Russian)<P>
<a href="";></a> Buddhism (Russian)<P>
<a href="";></a> Buddhism & other (Russian)<P>
<a href="";></a> Buddhism Karma Kagyu (Engl. & Rus.)<P>
<a href="";></a> The Upper Triad<P>
<a href="";></a> Maitreya Sangha<P>
<a href="roadmap.htm">roadmap.htm</a> Numerous references by Blavatsky net<P>
<P>Last update: 11/VII-1998<P>

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