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The Truman Show

Jun 07, 1998 01:01 PM
by Thoa Tran

I'm sure the movie is not hurting for publicity, but I had to broadcast it
to the theosophy lists.  I saw the movie last night and it blew my mind.
The concept of Maya is nothing new to me, but it was amazing seeing it
played out in a movie.  Most of the people in the audience were youths in
their early twenties.  I wondered how much of the meaning of the movie got
to them.  I wondered whether they understood the significance of it in
relation to their world.  I wondered whether that would make them
contemplate the mayavic and controlling nature of their own world, how the
media manipulated them, how people in authority, or people with whom they
have strong emotional bonds manipulated them, how much culture and society
dictated them, and how much interest groups have manipulated them.  I
wondered whether they wondered how much the human Will figured into all of
this.  Anyway, go see the movie!  Two thumbs up from me.  The movie
displayed the concept beautifully, and people of all ages can understand
and enjoy it.  Like the way theosophy should sometimes be, eh?

Gotta go and marbelize some tables.  Happy weekend, folks!

Thoa :o)

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