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Gemini Full Moon and World Invocation Day

Jun 09, 1998 04:21 AM
by jim meier

The full moon of Gemini occurs tonight, June 09  for most of the country,
0:19am tomorrow morning for the East Coast  (4:19am June 10 GMT)

The Festival of Gemini is the third and concluding of the three which make
up the spiritual highpoint of the year.  The first is Easter, the great
Western festival which is fixed in relation to the moon of Aires.  The
second is Wesak, the great Eastern festival of the Buddha which occurs at
the moon of Taurus.  The Gemini moon festival is the third, and it is also
known (since 1952) as World Invocation Day, or the Festival of Goodwill.

Easter is the Festival of the Risen Christ, Whom many believe to be the
head of a spiritual Hierarchy, the expression of the Love of God.
Wesak is the annual return of the Buddha, the expression of the Light of
World Invocation Day or the Festival of Goodwill is that of humanity
aspiring towards God, seeking conformity with the will of God and to the
expression of right human relations.

The energies generated at Wesak are released into humanity tonight, in the
Gemini festival.

from the World Goodwill pamphlet, "Three Spiritual Festivals":

"The  Festival of Goodwill is the festival of the spirit of humanity
aspiring towards God, seeking conformity with the will of God and dedicated
to the expression of right human relations.  The Festial is fixed annually
in relation to the full moon of June.  It is a day whereon the spiritual
and divine nature of mankind is recognized.  On this festival for 2,000
years the Christ has represented humanity and has stood before the
Hierarchy and in the sight of Shamballa as the God-man, the leader of his
people and 'the eldest in a great family of brothers' (Romans 8:29).  Each
year at this time he has preached the last sermon of the Buddha before the
assembled Hierarchy.  This is, therefore, a Festival of deep invocation and
appeal, of a basic aspiration towards fellowship, of human and spiritual
unity; it represents the effect in human consciousness of the work of the
Buddha and of the Christ.  This Festival is also observed as World
Invocation Day.

These three Festivals are a part of the unified spiritual approach of
humanity, although they are not yet sufficiently related to each other.
The time is coming when all three Festivals will be kept thoughout the
world and by their means a great spiritual unity will be achieved and the
effects of the Great Approach, so close to us at this time, will be
stabilized by the united invocation of humanity throughout the planet."

A group meditation will be held tonight at 7:00pm EDT on "Letting in the
Light" and all are invited to participate.

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