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A fairy tale (A very interesting topic)

Jun 09, 1998 03:19 AM

Hi, gang. it's me again. Still fighting over the e-mail problems.
Anyway, since my joining to this list, i wanted an answer to this interesting topic.
Call it a Fairy tale.

"Once upon a time, there was this world , this medieval world, in wich magicians, and elves, and a lot of pepole existed. There was this elf princess, who always was curious of the things that exist, that had been, and there will always be. (She was a seeker, as you can see)
Also she was a dreamer, and more human than you can tell, cause in that world, elves and humans coexisted peacefully.
She was a true romantic, suffering also when she feeled alone.
Once she asked very dearly for the true knowledge, the knowledge the true mighty wizards of that kingdom had. Because an evil caracter overtrow the true king, that kingdom was summed on difficulties and darkness, and the good wizards were hunted, cause in throne was an evil black sorcerer.
Anyway, she could see the wizards from faraway, because in the elf kingdom the wizards were protected.
And here ye that was born the son of the king, a truly exceptional caracter. the son of the truly king.
years passed, and the princess was now a young women, few years had passed since she made the promise of dedicating herself to the search and conquer of the true knowledge. She wanted to become a wizard.
And, when she was not noticing, about to be engaged to a marriage, she founds the truly king.for this king was an initiate, a "son of God" as the old scriptures tell. the one destined to rule since his birth.
And he was a real exceptional caracter. His beauty not seen before, though he could pass, if he wanted, in ragged clothes, as a peregrin, without being notice.His wisdom, clear at his young age, a bit older than the princess,was simply remarkable.for he dominated all science and arts, and he could see was beyond the veil of the things.
He was a powerful wizard, but still, he was a young pupil, an initiate in the order. still filled with desires, and trying to gain control of himself at that time of virility.
The princess charm with him, but remained careful. concentrated as she was in searching the truth, she didn't of her late petition to the One, of the gaining of the true knowledge, and the true and real love of a man.
She was not interested in the king when she first meet him, only charmed about his beauty. later, his wisdom, strange for a boy of his age, captivated  her, not knowing it truly. when she most profound in the vastity of the deep fountains of his wisdom, more in love was she fond of him, not knowing it counciously.
And then one day, the inevitable occur. he kissed her, and he told her he desired her.She didn't understood him at first,loving his frienship, thinking of a profound knowledge occult. later, the desire in those two young bodies occur. they involved in a true melting, becoming one, in those warm nights.
After, the king, seeking for pepole to help, to battle the evil sorcerer, for fighting for truth, had to part. the visits to the princess were fewer and fewer. the princess fell in love of him.
Nobody knew her disgrace. consumpt by the love she profess to him, had to keep in secret her dear love to him. The more she taught of the secret and profound knowledge he had teach her, the more and more she fell propense to do the elevated work of THE ONE, cause he, as the god Shiva did with his wife Parvati, demonstrated that it was possible to achieve the truth.and to demonstrate that in his life and glory , fighting the evil sorcerer, and carry and seeking the golden flame of thruth. for he was one of the chosen ones, one of pure soul and heart.

Even that, he could not express his dear love to the princess, or did he??
the pure desire could be the demonstrations of love, by someone filled with the most dearest love to humanity and the universe whole??
Or was only pure lust, made because his young self, in this lifetime??
Did she love him, just because he was the one who teach him about the ONE?? or was only grattitude, for that was the beggining of a life where eventualy Isis lost her veil to her??
Or could be possible that the love he transmited her of the true nature of the universe, and space, and God, she could confused it to a corresponding human love(but of the most pure nature) to her??
She was not satisfied with the pure animal desire, she wanted the true love, but she tought that the sex rite, even that it was a truly perfect sexual rite, was nothing, compared to the love he keep, as a true flamerose, in his deep self.
How to distinguish it?? Which will be the faith of the princess??
Which will be the faith of the king?? Do they will have a future with each other?? or, they will have to wait, to the end of the cycles, after whole humanity will be liberated??


P.D. yea, yea, i know is TOO long....sorry.
If you want, you can answer the last 5 questions. i tend to be some redundant sometimes.
I hope you like the story. I'm trying to write the most beautiful story that i can. a true love story.
Could you be helpful in finding clues to the hidden puzzle??
Thanks. I love you all.Thanks also for the patience for reading all
of this text.
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