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Internet in Colleges

Jun 22, 1998 10:17 PM
by M K Ramadoss

I have always felt that extensive use of Internet including such
applications as www, e-mail, maillists, newsgroups, chat etc. is going to
take off when the current generation of students graduate from schools and

When I was looking into the computer and related facilities provided in
colleges, it is very revealing where technology is heading. In the
University of Texas at Austin, here are some facts:

1. There are more computers than telephones in the campus. About 26000

2. Every room in the dorm has an ethernet connection. 10 MB/sec and going
to 100 MB/sec. with full Internet access.

3. Every student is assigned a e-mail account as soon as admitted.

4. Any student can set up a website.

5. Any student can set up a maillist.

6. Graduate Business School students are required to purchase a notebook
computer when they start school.

7. Libraries have ethernet outlets so that you can connect your computer
from a carrel. Like plugging a toaster into power outlet.

and Much more.....

In the next century, the impact of Internet is going to be like what
happened when printing was invented.


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