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Re: Letter RE ACT from Nathan Greer

May 02, 1998 12:31 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

M K Ramadoss wrote:

> 1. Why have we not heard from any of the prominent theosophists who command
> respect and trust of a large number of members?

	Probably just because they command respect and trust. I long ago noted
that Dora Kunz, for example, is very free with her strong opinions. If,
however, you ask her for her opinion, and tell her that a decision you
are making depends on it, she becomes far more moderate. Also, I would
not be surprised if they, like myself, support most, but not all, the
ACT points, and feel that they cannot, and therefore should not, answer
either way until they have more information (on things such as the 1996
elections, the staff situation at Olcott, etc.). Also, note that some of
the personalities involved in ACT have past histories of strained
relationships with the TSA management, and it is possible that the
people to whom you are referring are withholding judgment so that they
can separate the issues from the personalities. Certainly, I made some
errors (which I have since admitted, several times) when I rushed to
judgment based on a 1/4-written web site (and you, I believe, were the
one who posted the address of that not-ready-for-public-consumption web
site). The theosophists who command respect and trust do so with good
reason, one of which is that they do NOT speak (or type) without
thinking things through, first.

> 2. Why have we not heard from any of the elected Board Members other than
> Bruce?

	I believe that the National Secretary is an elected post, as well, but
I don't have the bylaws in front of me (and am too lazy to look). I
would guess that it is for the same reasons as above. A possibility
which I HOPE is not true is that they are thinking that if they ignore
it, it will go away.

> 3. Why John Algeo is not directly dealing with the issues raised and defend
> or explain anything instead of pointing the support from paid employees
> over whose job security he has unilateral power (and few other members)?

	The only reason I can think of (and I have NOT asked him directly) is
that he doesn't want the issues to become personal, and that he believes
that anything he says will be twisted against him. 

> 4. Why are none of the letters posted by the authors on the net? Nor have
> we seen Algeo or any other elected official on the net. Is there a policy
> edict, whether emanting from Himalayas/Tibet or anywhere prohibiting the
> TSA officials/elected members of BOD engaging and using the theosophy
> maillists, which are free and unmoderated/controlled?

	Well, the only clue I can give you to that is what I have been told
(and I will not say by whom, except that it was more than one source).
When I discussed these lists with certain TSA officials, I was asked to
not use the NYTS account on these lists, and that there was no problem
at all with my personal participation, except that those advising me
felt that it was a waste of time.

	Bart Lidofsky

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