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Re: Letter RE ACT from Nathan Greer

May 02, 1998 11:05 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 11:18 AM 5/2/1998 -0400, you wrote:

>William N. Greer
>National Secretary
>318 W. Geneva Road
>Wheaton, Illinois
>(630) 510-0668
>To:	TSA Lodges, Study Centers, and Members
>Re:	The newsletter, THE ACTIVIST, and the response of David P. Bruce
>>>>>>>>big clip<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>Like David, I wish to avoid any appearance of impropriety of office  thus,
>like David, I am mailing you this letter at my own expense.  

Nathan should be congratulated on his initiative and courage. He has taken
a very balanced and sane approach. 

It is to be noted that he is mailing it at his own expense, which is
substantial unless one is independently wealthy, which I suppose is not the
case with Nathan. 

Considering the peanut salary paid to Olcott staff (who provide outstanding
service to all of us under very difficult conditions, for which each one of
us should be grateful), the mailout expense is a significant financial

I personally support open and frequent exchanges of communication
(especially using net) as more the communication, easier to find a good
solution without any serious side effects. 

So I am contributing a small amount towards Greer's mailing expenses. I
urge every one who can afford, to do the same. Any amount small or big,
will go a long way to help Greer.

BTW, I am for helping all Theosophists. I have also sent a small
contribution to both ACT and John Algeo, latter towards the mailout of his
testimonial letter.

There are some troubling issues.

1. Why have we not heard from any of the prominent theosophists who command
respect and trust of a large number of members?

2. Why have we not heard from any of the elected Board Members other than

3. Why John Algeo is not directly dealing with the issues raised and defend
or explain anything instead of pointing the support from paid employees
over whose job security he has unilateral power (and few other members)?

4. Why are none of the letters posted by the authors on the net? Nor have
we seen Algeo or any other elected official on the net. Is there a policy
edict, whether emanting from Himalayas/Tibet or anywhere prohibiting the
TSA officials/elected members of BOD engaging and using the theosophy
maillists, which are free and unmoderated/controlled?

My 0.02


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