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Re: Bart's need

May 06, 1998 08:40 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

Ken Malkin wrote:
> OK Bart,
> You've had another shot at using air to create wind. You've stolen
> another fifteen minutes in the sun.
> Give it up early this time my friend, everyone is tired off your silly
> ass "chase your tail" game..
> Either PUT or SHUT UP. Answer the question you posed by your own mouth
> and verification of that requested from Doss a gentlemen or lets move
> on.

	Someone who participated heavily in discussions (Doss) on the problems
several individuals have had with the current TSA administration asked
me, when I mentioned the existence of such problems, to detail them as
if he knew nothing about them. And then you, who have also participated
very heavily, use strong language and implies that I may be lying about
the existence of the problems. Now, Jim has stated some of the problems
to which I was referring. 

	Now, I ask myself why Doss (and you) would ask me to state facts of
which he (and you) are well aware. Based on past experience here, one
highly probable reason is so that the words that I use to describe the
problems can be twisted into an attack against me. And I will not fall
into that trap. And if there is no such trap, then perhaps you should
consider your own past behavior, and try to figure out why I would
believe that there was one.

	Bart Lidofsky

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