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Bart's need

May 06, 1998 05:57 AM
by Ken Malkin

OK Bart,
You've had another shot at using air to create wind. You've stolen
another fifteen minutes in the sun.
Give it up early this time my friend, everyone is tired off your silly
ass "chase your tail" game..
Either PUT or SHUT UP. Answer the question you posed by your own mouth
and verification of that requested from Doss a gentlemen or lets move
Ken Malkin

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:

> With respect, Bart, you do not answer the question, and Doss's reply
> the above suggests you are incorrect.  There was a period when Sy
> himself posted a great deal of information about this on theos-l, of
> course, so maybe he will respond to your question.
> In any event, might it not be construed by some that your reply to
> comes across as less than brotherly?

        I don't want to get into another word-twisting war. Doss has
the incidents himself, numerous times. I can only conclude that he is
feigning ignorance, so that I say something that can be twisted against
me. I refuse to fall into that trap.

        Bart Lidofsky

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