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Sex and spirituality

May 05, 1998 11:02 PM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

     Hi Thoa.

>Maybe he is simply theoretical?
th> I heard he had an affair with someone's wife. Doss would know the story.

 Maybe it is because by his time some already recommended normal marriage
and it replaced celibate as "a standard of right spiritual life" :)
So he had to introduce something revolutionary new :)

> He always said what people wanted to hear from him
th> Doesn't that also mean he is touching upon the "guru" within each of those
 I'm not sure. Otherwise it would mean that these internal guru too
often follow mode & public opinion :)

> explaned all the psychic activity by action of the brain cells
th> He did not explain the soul through the action of the brain cells.
 Of course not. I wrote "psychic activity". He said that people have
invented soul. We can deny soul but cannot deny psychic activity.
So he couldn't say that people invented psychic activity, too.

th> I find it interesting what the Leadbeater camp and the Krisnamurti camp
th> have to say about one another.  I find misconceptions from both camp.
  Is CWL camp big? I know no one of his followers here in Russia.
There are some who read his books with an interest, like me, but no more.

th> I wouldn't say Krisnamurti alone set the wheel of change in action. I'd
th> say several other events, including the political atmosphere of the TS,
  I agree, but maybe he was the only one who could to fix that.
Instead of leaving TS he could direct its activity his own way.
Since he was a popular person in TS and members might pay attention.
But what he has done seems to me an escape from responsibility.
Maybe he didn't understand what theosophy is. It seems to me that
he confounded theosophy & CWL/AB teaching. I suspect that he haven't
read works by HPB & other authors of early TS. Anyway, he said that
had never read "Yoga sutra".

> "Disciple's mirror", a book written down by Brigit Lomborg
th> I haven't been focusing on sex beyond the earthly part of it. I'm just
th> trying to get through the basic esoteric writings, and they are numerous!
 The original name of that book is "Disciplens Spejl". Maybe it will help
you to find it. As an experiense with digest from AAB has shown, editors
often seriously change a book title.

     With beat regards, Konstantin.

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