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Sex and spirituality

May 08, 1998 12:06 PM
by Thoa Tran

Hello Konstantin,

> Maybe it is because by his time some already recommended normal marriage
>and it replaced celibate as "a standard of right spiritual life" :)
>So he had to introduce something revolutionary new :)

Marital infidelity is nothing new.  Even things going on nowadays is
probably nothing new.  They just get magnified by the glare of openness and
the media.

>> He always said what people wanted to hear from him
>th> Doesn't that also mean he is touching upon the "guru" within each of those
> I'm not sure. Otherwise it would mean that these internal guru too
>often follow mode & public opinion :)

That would not be the internal guru.  That's the guru of mode and public
opinion.  I have to admit, it can be difficult to differentiate the two,
since we are saturated by the opinions of our parents, our country, our
religious organization, our educational institution, and the media.  That's
when deep meditation is in order!  Another good way to desaturate yourself
is to believe in all of these opinions and see that they greatly conflict
with one another.  Once they cancel each other out, all you have left is
you. :o)

>> explaned all the psychic activity by action of the brain cells
>th> He did not explain the soul through the action of the brain cells.
> Of course not. I wrote "psychic activity". He said that people have
>invented soul. We can deny soul but cannot deny psychic activity.
>So he couldn't say that people invented psychic activity, too.

Did he actually use the word "invented soul?" From what I know, he was
concerned about people conceptualizing things, to the point where they
spend most of the time pondering on things that could never be known for
certain.  For example, let's consider soul.  It's enough that we are here
and aware, without having to get into some conceptual arguments about what
a soul is, where it's going, what's going to doom it, etc.  All that
conceptual argument will get you nowhere but into more conceptual argument,
which will increase compartmentalization of the mind.  (I'm not a
Krisnamurti follower, so I'm very guilty of this. :o) )  As far as psychic
activity, my last post without the mentioning of soul, still applies to
psychic activity.  In fact, he said that mind is energy.  This is energy
that is beyond the brain cells.

As an aside, have you heard of the recent scientific research that support
that mind is energy?  Have you heard of the work of David Bohm, and other
quantum physicists, that the mind is like a hologram?

>  Is CWL camp big? I know no one of his followers here in Russia.
>There are some who read his books with an interest, like me, but no more.

I'm really not qualified to answer that.  But on the theosophical lists,
there are quite a few of CWL followers.  Some are in organizations not
affiliated with the T.S., such as The Summit Lighthouse.  Just as
everyone's an individual, each theosophist takes from various teachers and
combine them to a unique understanding.  Among theosophists, we have
Kabbalists, Krisnamurtites, CWL/Besant followers, Blavatsky followers, the
Masters followers, Bailey followers, Magickians, etc.

>  I agree, but maybe he was the only one who could to fix that.
>Instead of leaving TS he could direct its activity his own way.
>Since he was a popular person in TS and members might pay attention.
>But what he has done seems to me an escape from responsibility.
>Maybe he didn't understand what theosophy is. It seems to me that
>he confounded theosophy & CWL/AB teaching. I suspect that he haven't
>read works by HPB & other authors of early TS. Anyway, he said that
>had never read "Yoga sutra".

I agree that he could have a huge impact on the growth and influence of the
TS.  Maybe he is shirking responsibility, who knows but Krisnamurti
himself.  It could also be he's widening his "organization" to include the
whole world.  Which is worse, that he read the early works and rejected
them, or that he did not find it necessary to read them?

>     With beat regards, Konstantin.

Best regards to you, too, Konstantin.  I am communicating with you in the
Soviet Union.  Our big world is getting smaller!  Your English is terrific.
Have you studied it for a long time?

Thoa :o)

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