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Constructive suggestions for Daniel

May 07, 1998 03:03 PM
by Thoa Tran

That's the reason why my funny bone got tickled when Daniel listed his
titles.  The titles looked like something out of yellow journalism.  Either
that, or it looked like one of Monty Python's exaggerated skits.  Very
catchy, though.

Thoa :o)

>I'm delighted, Daniel, that you are embracing an ethic of calm,
>civil discussion about Theosophical history and look forward to
>the results of this change of heart.  It may well be a good thing
>that your House of Cards is to be issued in a revised and
>expanded version.  I have a number of suggestions that would help
>make it more credible to people who are not fundamentalist
>Theosophists, and more constructive in encouraging discussion of
>the issues addressed.
>1.  Change the title.  Using an individual's name followed by
>"House of Cards" implies both a personal focus and a destructive
>approach.  Something much more neutral and objective-sounding
>will add to your scholarly credibility.  How about "M. and K.H.:
>an Examination of Evidence Concerning Their Identities?"
>2.  This is one I repeatedly implored you to do for years before
>it came out.  Get rid of the ALL CAPS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!
>It comes off like screaming from an enraged partisan rather than
>scholarly investigation.

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