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Fw: Io Pan Jam! in TX

May 15, 1998 06:45 AM
by John E Mead

Thought that some people in TX area might find this interesting.
john e. m.

> From: Baphemetis Continuity <>
> To:
> Subject: Io Pan Jam!
> Date: Thursday, May 14, 1998 7:33 PM
> You have received this message because you have indicated an interest in
things Thelemic.  If you have received this announcement in error, please
send a polite return e-mail with REMOVE in the subject line to be removed
from this annual mailing list.
>    		        ***   IO PAN JAM  ***
>         A Pan-Thelemic Festival and Summer Solstice Celebration
>                         It's that time again!
>  WHEN:   Thursday June 18TH thru Sunday June 21st, 1998 ev
>  WHERE:  Recreation Plantation Campground, Dripping Springs, Texas
>  HOST:   Sponsored by Scarlet Woman Lodge, OTO, Austin, TX
>  COST:   $35 advance ticket, $45 at the gate
>  WHO: 	 All traditions welcome to celebrate the solstice with us!
>  AGE:    You must be over 18 to register. Children accompanied by adults
>           Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law !
> You are invited to join us under the beautiful Texas sky to celebrate the
longest day of the year with drumming, ritual, revelry, and the kind of
energized enthusiasm that can only be created by a group of free-spirited
Thelemites! This year the Solstice occurs at 9:02 am, CDT, on Sunday, June
21st. A sunset Solstice Ritual on Saturday and a midday Solar Feast on
Sunday will be held in celebration of the summer solstice.
> Scheduled Io Pan Jam activities include but are not limited to:
> * a dedication of the Temple space with a potluck dinner to follow on
> * a Midnight Mass on Friday
> * a performance of The Hundred and Sixty-Nine Cries (from The Treasure
House of Images) by SWL's choir, Unknown Rivers, at sunset on Friday
> * the Chao Chow, including a feast, pinata & 'cow stuff' on Saturday
> * face painting and drumming for the kids on Saturday 
> * Tree O' Life Twister game on Friday midday
> * musical entertainment Saturday night, including a drum parade
> Other activities yet to be scheduled include:
> * mud wrestling
> * an Enochian workshop and opening of the aethyr of TEX by a
distinguished guest magician
> * Tempera body painting
> * macrobiotic health cooking
> * an ear candling workshop (if you're not familiar, it's pretty cool!)
> * Morning Tai Chi workouts
> * a reading of The Book of the Law on Sunday before we pack up and leave
> The big Temple Tent is also available for activities, and a permanent
covered stage with electricity is available for productions. If you have
any ideas for rituals/workshops, send them along with your ticket payment
or send us an e-mail. It's quite unlikely we'll turn you down if you are
self-sufficient, Thelemic, and do not require funding to realize your
> Recreation Plantation is equipped with a bath-house containing running
water, toilets, and showers. There are also outdoor showers, which are
wonderful for rinsing off after a day of playing in the Texas sun. Or take
a dip in the spring-fed creek which flows by. Fire rings dot the 80-acre
wooded site, including one large enough to hold our famous rockin' nightly
bonfire. There are many varieties of camping areas available, whether you
are looking for all-night drumming or a quiet grove of evergreen trees in
which to meditate, you can find it here. Since this is a private, fenced
property, the festival is clothing optional and we can make almost all the
noise we want! This site has been home to many Pagan and Thelemic festivals
over the years, and there are few restrictions.
> Know in advance that there will be nudity, powerful ritual, and adult
horseplay, so gauge the speed limit of your guests and children
accordingly!  It is not our will to restrict anyone, so please use common
sense and good judgement when bringing children and pets.
> Registration to Io Pan Jam is open to anyone over the age of 18. 
Children accompanied by their parents or guardians are welcome (and if they
are under 12, they may attend free of charge).  No daycare will be
available, but supervised children are welcome.  Be aware when you register
that you need to be totally responsible for you and yours, human and
non-human alike, so that you do not needlessly restrict anyone else by your
inattention. Pet owners with unruly pets may be advised to leave. 
> The cost of this Io Pan Jam is a mere $35 by advance registration
postmarked before June 8, which is highly recommended.  There will be
tickets available at the gate for $45, but attendance is capped at 250, so
call us if you can't pre-register! After June 8, call (512) 443-7382 or
email to find out if we still have room for gate
registrants. There are no refunds, but tickets are completely transferable.
> Vendors are encouraged and welcomed at Io Pan Jam, and there is no cost
for vending your wares. 
> If you have any questions regarding this event, you may call (512)
443-7382 or email Hope to see you there!
> Io Pan Jam website with photos:
>                    Love is the law, love under will.
> Io Pan!
> Content
> Lodge Master, Scarlet Woman Lodge, O.T.O.

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