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May 21, 1998 00:23 AM
by Thoa Tran

Hi Kim,

To get a good overview of theosophy, I would recommend getting The Key to
Theosophy by Helena Blavatsky.  Also, you might want to log onto other
theosophical lists, since they vary in focus.  The other two unmoderated
lists I would recommend is Theos-Talk, send a message consisting of
"subscribe" or "unsubscribe" to, and TI-L
(Theosophy International).  You can log onto TI-L in the same way that you
logged onto Theos-L, except that you replace Theos-L with TI-L.  Theos-Talk
includes members from various Theosophical Societies, the United Lodge of
Theosophists, The Summit Lighthouse, and Theosophy International.  The list
usually discusses the academic, theoretical, and historical aspects of
theosophy.  The TI-L list is composed of on-line members.  The discussion
is usually geared toward current events.  Of course, all that could change
depending on who's contributing to the list.

You will learn a lot.  Have fun, Kim!  Watch out for the bad influences of
Chuck the Heretic on this list.  He likes to make trouble.  A bad one, he
is. :o)

Thoa :o)

>Hi all!  I've just joined this list and hope to learn a lot.
>I am very unfamiliar with Theosophy and have it presently included in a
>list I'm compiling of world religion's.  Is this appropriate?  Included on
>that list are agnosticism, atheism, and buddhism to name a few that do not
>necessarily worship a specific deity.  Does Theosophy have a set religious
>structure or is it merely the philosophy involved with theology.
>Help! Help! I'm in the dark!
>"Let us examine the road
>        By which the fault has passed"
>                ---Victor Hugo

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