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Re: THEOS-L digest 1538

May 26, 1998 06:20 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to
>      Isn't the best way to justify yourself to place the full text of
> your book on the web for everyone could read it & judge oneself?
> I've seen only critics or advertising.

The best way to get sued by my own publisher!  I have no right to
do that, it's not "my" book any more.
> PJ> So it has been a minority of Theosophists who have attacked and
> PJ> denounced the book, regarded it as anti-HPB, etc.  But of course
> PJ> who is most likely to create a website devoting to "debunking" a book?
>      Blavatsky herself didn't attack most of that which was written agaist
> her. So I glad that majority of theosophists are the real theosophists who
> spend their time to more useful things, as she did.

Kay, you're missing the point and apparently insisting, without
having read them, that the books *are* "against her."  I've told
you THEY ARE NOT.  Not in my intention, not in the perception of
ANY readers outside the Theosophical movement, as best I can
tell.  And not in the perception of MOST readers within it,
judging by reviews.


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