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Copyright and my books

May 28, 1998 11:36 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Kay,

Glad you removed the uglier parts.  As for my copyright
situation, Bart has it about right.  Note that the copyright I
held/hold was for In Search of the Masters, a long (188,000
words) and unfocused book which was essentially a progress report
of my research up to that point.  I wouldn't want to be judged by
it, and I wouldn't want my ideas to be digested in that form now
that two more polished books are available.  About half of each
of the two SUNY books is taken from ISM, and about half of each
of them is new.  When I got a contract for The Masters Revealed,
it was with the understanding that I would not compete with my
publisher by continuing to sell the earlier self-published book.
Later I signed a contract giving SUNY full control over
electronic publication.

This has nothing to do with money, and everything to do with
legality.  Since you seem so interested in my finances, my total
royalties for the SUNY books are just about equal to my losses
from self-publication.  Net gain, zero.


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