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Re: Theosophical Use of the Internet

Apr 01, 1998 09:32 PM
by M K Ramadoss

The most important issue, IMHO, is the top level "vision" of how
Internet/e-mail/maillist/newsgroups is going to be used will determine the
success and not the technical expertise. Will have to wait and see. If past
is any indication, I take a dim view of the success. I may be wrong. Let us


At 06:01 PM 4/1/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>M K Ramadoss wrote:
>> >> To be charitable, it looks more like either it is due to lack of
>> >> understanding of the usefulness and the power of Internet or due to they
>> >> being new to the technology.
>> >
>> >    They aren't using television, either.
>> >
>> >    Bart Lidofsky
>>      Nothing surprises me either.
>    Actually, the TSA IS using the Internet. And they are actively looking
>(have found?) a computer person for their full-time staff, who, among other
>things, will enhance their Internet output. I have expressed a willingness to
>help them remotely but their major problem is twofold.
>    1) They have a Windows NT server. This would be great if they were
>to hook into Microsoft Office-generated data, but this is not the case. This
>makes secure remote access technically very difficult.
>    2) There is nobody on site who fully understands the security issues,
>making remote access operationally nearly impossible, since they take a
>be safe than sorry" attitude.
>    If a UNIX system were used, Eldon or I could have installed a remote
>system with firewalls. The NYTS has a static IP (didn't go out of its way to
>get it, just has it), so security woudl be relatively simple, IF they had the
>tools and the know-how at their end, for me to get telnet and ftp access.
>    Bart Lidofsky

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