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Theosophical Use of the Internet

Apr 01, 1998 02:52 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

M K Ramadoss wrote:

> >> To be charitable, it looks more like either it is due to lack of
> >> understanding of the usefulness and the power of Internet or due to they
> >> being new to the technology.
> >
> >    They aren't using television, either.
> >
> >    Bart Lidofsky
>      Nothing surprises me either.

    Actually, the TSA IS using the Internet. And they are actively looking for
(have found?) a computer person for their full-time staff, who, among other
things, will enhance their Internet output. I have expressed a willingness to
help them remotely but their major problem is twofold.

    1) They have a Windows NT server. This would be great if they were planning
to hook into Microsoft Office-generated data, but this is not the case. This
makes secure remote access technically very difficult.

    2) There is nobody on site who fully understands the security issues,
making remote access operationally nearly impossible, since they take a "better
be safe than sorry" attitude.

    If a UNIX system were used, Eldon or I could have installed a remote log-in
system with firewalls. The NYTS has a static IP (didn't go out of its way to
get it, just has it), so security woudl be relatively simple, IF they had the
tools and the know-how at their end, for me to get telnet and ftp access.

    Bart Lidofsky

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