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Masters as Metaphor

Apr 06, 1998 06:26 PM
by dport

Two new books by K. Paul Johnson (Masters Revealed and Initiates of The
Theosophical Masters) were reviewed in the March-April issue of New Dawn.
A quotation - 
" The original advent of the Mahatmas (mAsters) was within the framework of
the system developed by Madame Blavatsky. This system was modified,
transformed and , many would say, distorted by the various factional
movements that developed within Theosophy.
Certainly the Theosophy of Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant seems at
odds with the esotericism found in The Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky's majot
theosophical treatise. The problem was that the "Ascended Master" mythos
that began with Blavatsky took on a life of its own. The Masters became
democratic, and thus the Masters began to speak to everyone"

And so on. Then this quote from HPB's collected writings, vol 3. in a
letter to Franz Hartmann-

"where you speak of the 'army' of the deluded - and the 'imaginary'
Mahatmas of Olcott - you are absolutely and sadly right. Have i not seen
the thing for nearly eight years? Have I not struglled and fought against
Olcott's ardent and gushing imagination and tried to stop him every day of
my life"

(as an aside (esp for Thoa) - HPB smoked Hashish daily)

from the frying pan,

the mighty NOS

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