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Masters as Metaphor

Apr 07, 1998 11:16 AM
by Thoa Tran

>Two new books by K. Paul Johnson (Masters Revealed and Initiates of The
>Theosophical Masters) were reviewed in the March-April issue of New Dawn.
>A quotation -
>" The original advent of the Mahatmas (mAsters) was within the framework of
>the system developed by Madame Blavatsky. This system was modified,
>transformed and , many would say, distorted by the various factional
>movements that developed within Theosophy.
>Certainly the Theosophy of Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant seems at
>odds with the esotericism found in The Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky's majot
>theosophical treatise. The problem was that the "Ascended Master" mythos
>that began with Blavatsky took on a life of its own. The Masters became
>democratic, and thus the Masters began to speak to everyone"

If you're not already there, you should log onto theos-world.  They're
having a huge discussion on Masters, pro-con.  All I can say is that people
who follow certain leaders, gurus, "Masters", definitely have strong faith.
Some probably to the point of following the leader off a cliff.  I
wouldn't try to shake any of their faith.  Paraphrasing someone on
theos-world, the western path of "God is this, God is that" is easier than
the eastern path of "God is not this, God is not that."  Attachment is
easier than non-attachment.  Even in martial arts, the schools revere their
Grandmaster.  My particular school bow to him and have his picture up.
Some black belts kneel in prostration in front of the Grandmaster when he
visits the school.  Everything the Grandmaster said is the word of God.  No
other schools or system could come close to being as true. The pecking
order is strictly in place.  Respect and etiquette is expected.  IMO, it's
a way of maintaining control. We like this because attachment is a way for
humans to find their place.  It is their stability.  My guru is the holy
cabbage.  I pray to it before I make Mushu pancake stuffing out of it.

>And so on. Then this quote from HPB's collected writings, vol 3. in a
>letter to Franz Hartmann-
>"where you speak of the 'army' of the deluded - and the 'imaginary'
>Mahatmas of Olcott - you are absolutely and sadly right. Have i not seen
>the thing for nearly eight years? Have I not struglled and fought against
>Olcott's ardent and gushing imagination and tried to stop him every day of
>my life"
>(as an aside (esp for Thoa) - HPB smoked Hashish daily)

No wonder that she, too, could perform psychic feats.  From the age of 2-7,
I was raised by a Vietnamese village woman who chewed on leaves spread with
red opium(?) paste.  That was her morning routine.  There was nothing wrong
with it.  She worked selling wares at a stand, and had a very placid life.
It's all in the culture and the attitude.  The drug culture of the young in
the U.S., though, is damaging.  It's a different attitude altogether.  This
is from personal observation.

>from the frying pan,

Into my grill!  I hope you're tasty and juicy. ;o)

>the mighty NOS

Skewered and basted.

Thoa :o)

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