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THEOS-L digest 1489

Apr 08, 1998 12:21 PM
by Thoa Tran

>>>>His approach is basically that of a southern Buddhist, the
>>neti-neti path (God
>>>>is not this, God is not that). This is the most difficult of
>>all paths to
>>>>follow in my opinion. The iti-iti path of "God is this, God is
>>that" is
>>>>easier. It leads to bhakti yoga, devotion to God in one's
>>favourite form,
>>>>whether it be an avatar or guru. I realize that the two paths
>>are a matter of
>What about a third option, the transcendence of choice?

How would you do that on this physical plane?

>this reminds me of a poem -
>..after a Long Summers Day and a Night Of Sin,
>that which was whithout was discovered within....
>Thought for the day:
>If all is one....
>all sex is masturbation
>all eating is cannibalism
>all violence is masochism

It's Love or it's not
Give all that you've got
Back to the Heart
That gave it to you.

It's round make the circle
     round make the circle
     of Love!

>ps Do what Thoa wilt shall be the whole of the law

Everyone would be a whole lot happier!

Thoa :o)

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