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Procedural PLEA!!

Apr 08, 1998 06:48 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Folks, the last couple of theos-talk digests and the latest
theos-l digest have contained a huge proportion of unnecessarily
copied material.  Material that is not even answered in
cut-and-paste format, just stuck on the end of the current
message.  In one case, Dallas copied Doss copying Lmhem so we
had a total of four copies of Lmhem's post in two digests (I
think-- it's so confusing.)

For those of us reading with slow modems, it takes forever
scrolling through all that extra stuff.  Even reading with a fast
modem, it's obnoxious to read a digest cluttered up with 50%
irrelevant material.  Please, in the name of brevity, clarity,
elegance, or whatever you hold sacred in cyberspace, stop copying
whole messages in replies.

Grateful for future cooperation in this regard,


PS-- Richard, thanks for the kind words.  I am back in TSA due to
hope that ACT can revivify freedom of inquiry in the Society.

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