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A Comment about ES

Apr 11, 1998 05:11 PM
by M K Ramadoss

We have had discussions about ES and can expect more. However, I think it is
relevant to post the following part of which is an excerpt from a msg I
posted on theos-l quite some time ago. I have edited and added a few
additional comments. I felt it is very important to put the organization and
its members in proper perspective. Otherwise misleading conclusions may be
draws by members especially those may not know much about the organization.

I have *personally* * known*  *many many* members of the TS who are also
members of Esoteric Section who have rendered invaluable services to
Theosophy and Theosophical Society. In many countries and in many lodges,
the vibrancy and the vitality of these lodges are due to these members. Even
today this is the case all over the world (there may be some rare
exceptions.). Most of the members are really earnest ones who have the first
object as their guiding star in their lives.

As these are *facts*, let us show our gratitude to these members for what
they have done for Theosophy and Theosophical Society. Let "Ungratitude be
not one of our vices."


PS: On the other hand, the potential is very great for the National Leaders
(including those who hold top positions in the ES but not in the TS) to make
use of the contacts to make the ES members vote as a bloc for their
candidates. But doing so is not illegal. However fairness and justice for
which Theosophists are supposed to stand for, requires that all prospective
candidates are provided unrestricted access to the membership list so that
they too can contact the voters and present their case which is but true
democracy and can only strengthen TSA and stop the continued downward slide
in the membership. Illinois law does provide full access to membership lists
so even if a member wants to keep his/her address as secret. It is like the
voter list. Once you are on it, it is no longer confidential information. It
my hope this can happen with the help of the issues ACT has put forward.

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