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the drugs don't work

Apr 13, 1998 07:08 AM
by dport

from Cult of the Yellow Sign to list recipients-

Dallas wrote a few days ago:
>> > I read a posting dated April 6th 1998 from "dport@ozmail" in which
>> > it is alleged without any corroborative reference given that HPB
>> > smoked hashish daily.  This appears to be a deliberate insult aimed
>> > at HPB.  But it demands evidence that supports it.

Sorry I have not responded to this earlier as I have been away on Easter
Holidays. I humor the rest of my family by attending their pagan ritual and
imbibing the chocolate sacrament. 

i would like to thank K. Paul Johnson for responding on my behalf and don't
think I need to bring up any more points. As to the issue of whether she
used absinthe etc I think it is hardly relevant. George Washington smoked
marijuana, JFK used methamphetamine and who 'nose' what wild willy snorts.
To me whether HPB smoked hash or drank is irrelevant and in no way changes
mt opinion of her. She was truly a remarkable woman - every week at I see
her solemn gaze staring at me in the Lodge Hall and think of her works and
how incredible they were considering how little respect woman garnered in
religious and spiritual matters before the turn of the century. 

>> As for supporting evidence; of course she could not have smoked
>> it daily after the founding of the TS without someone noticing
>> it.  But there are two sources for her use of hashish earlier in
>> her life (again, the *daily* bit is unsupported)

I must apologize for the use of the word daily as I do not indeed have any
evidence to support this. however most people I know who use Cannabis
Sativa for medicinal purposes (see Chris Conrads excellent book Hemp for
Health) would smoke 2-3 times a day. I imagine that HPB would have had
access to hashish easily whilst in Madras - I managed to purchase some
within 2 hours of landing and was constantly accosted on the beaches to
make purchases. In India Cannabis is a way of life and one of the central
Ayurvedic medicines. For Theosophists to disregard drug use because it
doesn't fit with their ideals is small-minded. Richard Nixon once stated
that Timothy Leary was the most dangerous man alive - and in his terms he
was probably right. The last thing those in authority want is for people to
start thinking for themselves. As such I see psychadelic drugs as the
ultimate theosophical aid. 
>If what Blavatsky wrote was true, then it does not matter if she smoked opium
>while standing on her head buck naked singing Hava Nagila.

>Chuck the Heretic

And Amen to you Chuck. Though watch out todays heretics are tomorrows
heroes, but not usually until after their death.

Hail Eris!

D. Graeme Porter
aka NOS (mighty, the)

There is only one God,
he is the Sun God,
Ra! Ra! Ra!

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