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Re: Blow me down!

Apr 21, 1998 07:01 AM
by Jaqtarin Triele

>St. Alan of Thoa wrote: 
> You're wasting a perfectly good carrot.  Why blow a carrot up when
you can
> make carrot cake, sauteed carrot, carrot soup, whipped carrot...
> Thoa :o)

Hey, now that's more like it!  If I'm going to get disembodied, I want
to at least look good doing it.

On a more serious note, I just discovered that there may have been a
sword used by the Hebrews (although I am not sure of the time period)
called "The Hand of God."  Apparently, one side of the primary blade
was hammered as to create a whistling-type noise on the backswing. 
The sound it made was referred to as "The Voice of God."  I am not
sure if the source is accurate, (as it is hearsay, quoted by a friend
from a text I have never seen), but I was curious if anyone on this
list has come across this info.  I haven't flipped through the Bible
yet, but I'm wondering if the hand and voice of god was ever a
reference to this weapon...
The picture that was drawn for me seems to reflect a very advanced
metallurgy.  In fact, I'm quite skeptical.  If there is any interest,
I'll try to 1) get the drawing scanned, and/or 2) Find the source and
perhaps get a picture and info from it.

In good spirits,
Carrot w/ a dash of white wine.
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