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Apr 21, 1998 03:07 AM
by Thoa Tran

>I have not read any poetry by Rumi. Would you recommend something?

Hi Julien,

There are two web sites that you might want to look at for more information
on Rumi.

A short book that might be a good introduction is Unseen Rain, by John
Moyne and Coleman Barks, ISBN 0-939660-16-4

It's some poems from the "Divan", his collection of poetry from his time
with Shams, who functions as his guru and friend.  To understand the
process that Rumi had with Shams, I'm reposting (from Theos-Talk) my
definition of the process of the guru-chela relationship (which,
ironically, is from my post on trusting your inner self as the Guru):

The process of Guru-Chela relationship involves the Chela projecting
his/her inner light onto the Guru.  In this process, the Chela serves,
respects, and meditates on the Guru's form.  The Guru, entrusted with the
student's inner being, acts as a reflector for the Chela, and eventually
gives the student's inner being back to the student once it is strongly

I hope you enjoy Rumi!  When reading poetry, remember that a cubic
centimeter of space contains more energy than the energy of total matter
combined.  Mathematical fact!  Or...less is more...or...contemplate on the
negative, the unseen...

Thoa :o)

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