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e-mail etc.

Apr 22, 1998 08:10 AM
by M K Ramadoss

We have discussed the subject especially in the context of TSA
administration (including elected members of the BOD) not having geared up
to effectively and efficiently use e-mail as a tool of communication with
membership and the public.

Recently, in a news talk show, a reporter made a telling statement which
stuck me:

"e-mail and Internet has increased and increasing the velocity and volume
of flow of information and communication exponentially"

It is quite possible that those who grew up in the quill pen and pencil and
paper and snailmail environment are very uncomfortable or unable to deal
with the fast moving and fast responses needed in today's cyber
communication. this is not so with the current generation which is grew up
in computer environment and the next generation which is growing up in
Internet/e-mail environment.

And also when someone else or some organization is footing the bill, (and
not coming out of one's pocket) who cares if older means of communication
-- high quality raised letter letterhead with matching high quality
preprinted envelope and the 32 cent postage is more expensive and more
destructive of trees. Just some possibilities. (Especially when stock
market is producing huge returns these days, cost may not be that
important). Also don't forget the advantages of slow moving snailmail.


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