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An Idea

Apr 22, 1998 07:55 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Recently when talking a longtime active member of TS(Adyar), the question
came up about the feedback from the membership. This person reminded me in
his very large organization, every year they get a survey from all their
employees so the the top management may know what items needs attention.
And the management takes the feedback seriously and act on them.

However, I have not seen any such efforts from TSA so far.

It is quite likely that this lack of any effort to get membership feedback
may be due to:

1. Imitating the Adepts -- Top leaders know what is best for the members.
Top down and no bottom up. So what membership feels is totally irrelevant. 

2. Looking at the financial picture, TSA can survive with no members at
all. So why bother. 

3. Membership (downward) trend is on target. Is it possible that it is the
undeclared intention of the leadership to reduce the membership in the long
run and justify it saying that quality is more important than quality? I
have not seen any goals being set for the coming years in terms of the
membership. The goal may be downsizing or increasing membership.

4. Fear of what kind of feedback one will get. One may get a lot shocking

5. Fear of having to publicise the feedback and having publicised them,
having to respond/act on them. Once the gates are open, you cannot close
them. No feedback, nothing to worry. Just keep going.

6. #5 also may lead to more openness -- which means have to disclose more
of the long term plans! Many of the members (including many here) may be
considered not smart enough to understand the plans even if disclosed!!! 

7. Never given a thought about getting any feedback.

Anyone wants to add to the list.


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