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Apr 23, 1998 10:45 AM
by Thoa Tran

>Only this week I have been pondering on the idea of an online "TI
>Newsletter" but have been uncertain what form it might take. Certainly
>no one wants an endless series of seriously biased articles from me, so
>what would go in it?  Why [stuns self into awake state] - the seriously
>biased work of the members!

Oh, seriously biased articles from Alan does not sound so bad.  It'll
guarantee that people will either be for or against your point of view.

>So ... I am officially asking all (online only at this point) TI members to
>e-mail me with short articles about the work they are doing, studies they
>are undertaking, research, outreach, etc. etc. which can go into the
>proposed Newsletter, which would be posted on TI-L only.

Sounds good.  However, for people who are not writers (me), a planned
article can be excruciating.  I only managed to somehow fall into
writerhood only because Eldon went through my posts and found some that he
found worthy of publishing in Theos-World.

>To this end I am setting up a mailbox  for such articles, which therefore
>please send same to the e-mail address

>- *and only to that address*

Okay, I'll keep this in my records.  Time to start playing inspirational
hypnotic tapes.

>I may have to edit contributions if they are too long, or repetitive, but I
>hope, with your co-operation, to issue a totally unedited Newsletter, so
>that we all know what we are doing - a difficult thing in this day and

Hurrah!  Yay! <whistle>

St. Alan of Thoa :o)

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