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Stand up Mr. Algeo

Apr 23, 1998 09:55 PM
by Ken Malkin


I received John Algeo's response to ACT's NL in my mail today. It was a
mind opener for me. John wrote , " Moreover, since I am the principle
target of the criticisms in the newsletter, it is inappropriate for me
to reply directly." I do not understand this logic. What newsletter are
you reading John? If something was stated publicly that I knew to be
untrue or unwarranted, I would certainly protect my name and my
reputation. Answering directly any statements I knew to be untrue would
be my first priority.

There is added to your post, several pages of supporting testimonials
from various members. Only two
of whom deny Esoteric School affiliation. Unfortunately missing from the
9 letters of support from the entire membership was the now infamous
'Bruce letter'. This well circulated (how did he get the names and
addresses of the many people he copied directly is a mystery) attack
letter is strange. If one can
get a copy of this epistle, it will be seen as it has to so many, a
manifestation of something beyond
anyone's sure knowing.

An interesting fACT became clear John. You state the letter and
attachments were done with private funds. Great work, but where did you
get the labels (they look like the usual ones we get) and why did you
have access to the members list for a private mail out? In one statement
you says the ACT NL was circulated ..." using addresses obtained
irregularly ". Do you see, what you accuse ACT of,  you are  quilty of

ACT worked very long and very hard to create a list of TSA members. It
has fallen short.If anyone who can vote in the next TSA election wishes
to receive the next ACT newlsetter please private post me.

Don't you get it John, you are not better than the rest of us ! If you
use the address list, the labels and the Wheaton photo copier or printer
or envelopes you are not ACTing correctly. Why are you able to employ
the membership mailing list from the Wheaton archives for you own
personal use? Why do you deny the same opportunity to fellow members of
the Theosophical Society in America.

Do you understand now why ACT was created? Why ACT is gaining momentum
and members? Why ACT finds administrative circumstances at Wheaton

The " Warm & Fuzzy lodge and study group "  initiative, your ES epistle,
and the changes slowly being brought to discussion at Wheaton, appear as
Band-Aids on a hemorrhaging of member distrust. You do not have the
right to ACT one way and deny the members the same thing.

The membership will not let the BOD et. al. drive them out. From 8000
members in 1980 when I joined, to less than 4000 today, how could you
let this happen? You have made most of the 4000 or so members wonder and
now start to demand answers.The old shibboleth about quality/quantity
won't wash anymore. It is the work (reason for being) of the TSA to show
by example how one can increase the refinement (quality) of ones being.
If not that, what are we about?

The BOD is naked now before the entire membership. We will not surrender
the Society to people that have installed "Poison Pill" by-laws of no
legal merit, to guard the gates at Wheaton against democracy. We will
fight and fight and fight  against the "Golden Parachute" the BOD is now
trying to pass.

Is it as it appears John, just a grab for the cumulative assets, the
form stuff,  of the TSA. According to the new by-laws being presented
for a vote, the members who have no say in the operation of the
Theosophical Investment Trust are being asked to hand over the assets of
the TSA to TIT. Why would any sane person allow that organization to
control the millions and millions of dollars of assets of the
Theosophical Society in America when the "Board of directors deams it

This is money held in trust created by others. It should be handled as
the sacred duty it is. Supporting
the efforts of the Theosophical Societys public programs for the
betterment of humanity. Not for the exclusion of humanity and the
benefit of the few who claim to be "better than" the rest of the

Stand up and see the light my dear President. We all admire you for
taking the job. It can not be easy. Just change your view of things for
a few moments and understand why we are crying out for you to ACT
fairly. ACT will endorse you in a heart beat when you take the ACT
pledge and shelve the irregular by-law proposals. It is right for the
members, it is right for the Society and it is right for you.

As always, my supportive peace profound,

Kenneth H. Malkin

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