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Apr 28, 1998 00:42 AM
by Thoa Tran

>Hi Thoa,
>Please clarify how energy and emptiness are related.

Hi Julien,

Besides talking about my belly? :o)  Okay, several clues.

Let's look at the root of all this, the cosmic evolution.  Look at Stanza 1
and 2 in the SD I.  These two Stanzas describe the latency state of the
Eternal Parent.  The descriptions are all about what it is not.  It is
about its "emptiness," its potential energy.

Scientifically.  You might want to look up the work of David Bohm, a
quantum physicist.  It was discovered that empty space is not actually
empty, but contains varying waves.  With that knowledge, they calculated
the minimal amount of energy a wave contains.  From that, they calculated
that space contains more energy than total matter.  You can find
interesting correlations in the Secret Doctrine I (p.527, there are other
references, but I can't remember the pages) in references to a substance
called "ether."  Ether, as science has defined it, does not exist.
However, in terms of Ether, a principle of Akasa and a filler of Space,
this seems true.  There are references here and there in the SD I and II
regarding ether's function as transporter of psychic energy.  An easy read
that gives an overview of it and which I find related to some of HPB's
scientific and psychic analysis is "The Holographic Universe" by Michael
Talbot, ISBN 0-06-092258-3.

In art terms, I'm going to use a quote that Mark Kusek used in his post to

>From Michael Adam's 'Wandering in Eden: Three Ways to the East Within Us'
1973 Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. (The Way of Emptiness - pg 57) -

"The Tao cannot be told, it cannot be painted. Being invisible, it could
seem that the only fitting representation is a blank sheet of paper, but
blankness of this kind in no way conveys the way of Tao, the wonder of
Emptiness, nor suggests it as the source and being of all the ten thousand
things. But when a master painter takes the empty paper and makes a mark in
one corner only, the whole sheet becomes alive; what was only blank is now
vibrant, potent, pregnant. This is the "mystery of Emptiness" of which the
Sung painters spoke. By way of what is painted, what cannot be painted is
implied - the invisible Reality, the Tao, is suggested. Let a master brush
a small bird upon a blank sheet and blankness becomes the wide upholding
sky; what was only empty becomes Emptiness, all heaven is immediatekly at
hand. Drawing a bird, he creates a sky for the bird to fly in. If there
were no bird, there would be no sky. Without the sky the bird could not
fly, could not 'be.' Without Emptiness nothing could 'be'[neither sky nor
bird], with Emptiness all comes into being."

Who says the eternal being does not exist?
Who says the sun has gone out?

Someone who climbs up on the roof, and closes his eyes tight,

-Jelaluddin Rumi
"Unseen Rain"

Thoa :o)

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