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you are the perfect drug

Apr 27, 1998 11:34 PM
by Darren

Somewhere in the Illuminatus Trilogy (R.A.Wilson) it is said the cardinal
sin is to force your trip upon anyone else. In my previous postings I may
have seemed like I was attempting to do just this. I do not in fact endorse
drug use for everybody I do however feel that the right to choose seems
like in inalienable human right. I don't live in the US but I believe your
constitution protects the freedom of religion. This is how the Native
American Church is enabled to continue peyote ceremonies. 
"Don't Use Drugs" or "Just Say No" are just as dogmatic as the Doctrine of
Atonement and in my opinion a Theosophist should disdain dogma of any sort
as it places limits on the mind - a mind contained is not free.

IMHO, enlightenment may be years of work or it can be a sudden revelation
either way the question is how do we integrate the eschatalogical
experience in the aftermath. And what do we truly want once we've solved
all the problems? I think the idea of immortality to the intellect is
somehow repulsive. The Truth shall set you free. Blah Blah Blah - It
doesn't really matter what I say, all argument tends to polarisation thus
impeding progress. 

The systems we live in are strangling us.

>From 21C

U.S Secretary of Labor Robert B. Reich has warned of a potential "secession
of the rich" - the abdication of social responsibility by an Information
Age elite "linked by jet, modem, fax, satellite and fibre-optic cable to
the great commercial and recreational centres of the world, but... not
particularly connected to the rest of the nation". In such a context,
virtual communitarianism that does not bear fruit in the meatworld, as a
result of on-line grassroots organizing, entrepreneurial initiatives,
information exchange, consciousness raising, and so forth, cedes the
TERRITORY pf the real to the powers that be and escapes to a kinder,
gentler place by rolling itself up in the MAP. It is indistinguishable, in
all the essentials from TV escapism.

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