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Re: TS_Adyar

Apr 27, 1998 10:46 AM
by M K Ramadoss

I will mail you the e-mail address.

BTW, there is a provision in the Rules of TS, by which one could directly
be attached to Adyar without any intermediary organization.

Also what advantages you are all expecting by forming a lodge or study
center or branch?


At 01:06 PM 4/27/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>  Hello!
>26 Apr 1998 M K Ramadoss <> wrote:
>MKR> I do not see anyone having a problem in applying for membership. I
>MKR> have not seen any case where membership application has been rejected.
>  Some people here in Moscow (including me) had a problems in greater
>or lesser extent. The main problem is that we have no national section,
>but only the persidential representative. But she decides nothing, she
>can only recommend a candidate. All the applications are passed through
>European federation TS. Why do we have no national section, you may ask.
>We haven't enough members to form a lodge in Moscow. (F.Y.I. - population
>of Moscow reaches nearly 10 mln. people.) But we haven't 7 members for
>a lodge. (It doesn't mean at all that people here don't interesting in
>theosophy. For example since 1991 several editions of "Secret Doctrine"
>were sold here, approx. in 50000 copies each. In addition, note that
>publishers here often decrease a declared number of copies in order to
>avoid big taxes).
>MKR> I suggest you send a e-mail to Adyar and they will respond quickly.
>MKR> Address it to Mrs. Radha Burnier, International President.
>  OK, please give me an email address of Adyar.
>MKR> e-mail a msg about his plans to visit Madras -- now called Chennai and
>MKR> address the request to Mrs. Radha Burnier, International President
>  I'll inform him when I get the address. Though he is travelling he
>can email.

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