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Apr 27, 1998 09:58 AM
by K. Zaitzev


26 Apr 1998 M K Ramadoss <> wrote:

MKR> I do not see anyone having a problem in applying for membership. I
MKR> have not seen any case where membership application has been rejected.

  Some people here in Moscow (including me) had a problems in greater
or lesser extent. The main problem is that we have no national section,
but only the persidential representative. But she decides nothing, she
can only recommend a candidate. All the applications are passed through
European federation TS. Why do we have no national section, you may ask.
We haven't enough members to form a lodge in Moscow. (F.Y.I. - population
of Moscow reaches nearly 10 mln. people.) But we haven't 7 members for
a lodge. (It doesn't mean at all that people here don't interesting in
theosophy. For example since 1991 several editions of "Secret Doctrine"
were sold here, approx. in 50000 copies each. In addition, note that
publishers here often decrease a declared number of copies in order to
avoid big taxes).

MKR> I suggest you send a e-mail to Adyar and they will respond quickly.
MKR> Address it to Mrs. Radha Burnier, International President.
  OK, please give me an email address of Adyar.

MKR> e-mail a msg about his plans to visit Madras -- now called Chennai and
MKR> address the request to Mrs. Radha Burnier, International President
  I'll inform him when I get the address. Though he is travelling he
can email.

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