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Theosophical Movement

Apr 29, 1998 00:10 AM
by Thoa Tran

>Visiting some of the websites of Theosophical Organizations to see how many
>links are there to other Theosophical Organizations, I was surprised.
>Larger the organization more isolated they are. You can visit yourself and
>see for yourself.
>It is only here that all of us students of Theosophy belonging to any org
>or none meet and discuss argue and share, a truly unifying phenomenon,
>which is going to grow as more people have access to Internet.
>Internet may put an end to Theosophical Organizations as we know it,
>because they may not have any role other than re-publishing classics.

And if the internet theosophy grew large enough, we can set up a meeting
place once a year where we can hang out, and have a beer or cool-aid.

Thoa :o)

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