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RE: P R Sarkar /Ananda Marga

Mar 01, 1998 07:37 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Thanks for your response.

Based on my long personal experience, I have found that any time any
organization gets involved in legal troubles (especially criminal ones)
with governments in multiple countries, I try to keep away from them. While
the troubles of Ananda Marga may have taken place several years ago, one
should not just ignore it by treating as quirks of in the spiritual life.

One of the outstanding records of *all* Theosophical organizations is that
there may have been differences of philosophy/approach, *none* of them have
ever been involved in any legal troubles, especially criminal ones, in
*any* country.

Such impeccable record over nearly 125 years time is something to be proud
of and speaks for the strong foundation on which Theosophy has flourished
in every part of the world.

Coming with this background, one is troubled about any organization which
gets tangled with governments of multiple countries.

Another aspect which one has to keep in view is that I have personally seen
very many organizations trying to recruit from Theosophical circles. While
there is nothing wrong about exercising this freedom, I personally would
deal with other organizations with a great amount of circumspection.

My 0.002



At 08:22 AM 3/1/98 -0500, Dieter Dambiec <>
>On Sunday, March 01, 1998 4:56 PM, []
>> I am curious about P R Sarkar. Is he the one who launched the Ananda Marga,
>> which ran into legal problems in India as well as in several countries?
>> mkr
>Yes, but all 'legal problems' ended up to be no problems.  These are just
>little quirks in the spiritual life.  Krsna was after all born in prison.
>history all great spiritualists have had to face these things.  Its nothing
>I post below his discourse on how the mission started.
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