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Re: THEOS-L digest 1449

Mar 02, 1998 08:01 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Mar 2

Dear Ernie & Rogelle:

Thanks for yours of 1st and attachment of which I made a copy and
will now check with my records and see if I can send you

Have you sent it to John at Pasadena T S ?

I'm sure he will help if possible.

I agree with you that following all the chat on theos-talk can be
time consuming if read closely.  Many items are inconsequential.
I can determine this in the first few lines and then skim
through, so as to spend as little time on those as possible.
Learned that much earlier in the mail-order business (books and
magazines) that I had in India.

The material you refer to was sent some time ago -- about a year
or more, and yes, I sent it to you for safe-keeping -- in a
way -- as I thought it useful to the theosophical movement and to
students who might be saved some time in their own future
research.  From the list you sent you have most of what I have
done, with the possible exception of more recent additions.
Jerry Ekins has created a 'safe-keeping' library on theosophical
materials in Turlok north California.  He has, I am told, an
extensive library.  Have you been in contact with him, or do you
know of him ?

Do you recall the date on which that material was sent ?  Month/
Year ?

theos-I is a daily list of people chatting back and forth and a
lot of it in inconsequential, with possible exceptions here and
there of something valuable.  I would hat the responsibility of
assembling it daily -- but I do look at to see if there is
something useful coming up.  My difficulty is that I am
interested in serious study and research.  I think of the future.
The past is only valuable to set people's notions right, when
they can be confronted with facts.

I would far rather concern myself with seeing the Theosophy is
kept moving forward.  It has so great value.  I recently posted a
memo to David Green on this subject in considering the value of
such letters are supposed to have been channeled just after
Judge's death, as messages from him, through Tingley.  [ I will
put that in as an attachment to you. ]

I am truly aware of the conference you propose. I have thought
about the subject, and really I have not found any subject which
has not already been covered somewhere.  The question is bringing
up more evidence and making it up to date.

Sylvia Cranston did that work rather well in HPB biography.
LOOKOUT  (a monthly dept. of THEOSOPHY) tries to cover this also.
In Bombay THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT has a similar dept. named IN
THE LIGHT OF THEOSOPHY -- it does a supplementary job.
I suppose that some of those comments could be strung together.

But, mentally I have not latched on to a specific area.  ideas ?

            Thanks for all and good wishes to you-all
Dallas & Val

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