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Re: Politics on the Theos discussion lists

Mar 03, 1998 06:13 PM
by M K Ramadoss

OnMonday, March 02, 1998 8:50 PM, ED C ABDILL <> wrote:

>NEW LIST:  The theosophical philosophy can make an enormous difference in
>our world if it is pursued and lived.  I am sure that most members would
>accept that, but I am afraid that a new commer to theosophy might be turned
>away from that philosophy by many of the charges and counter charges posted
>on this list.  To help prevent that, would it not be better to create two
>lists:  One for political views about the organization and a second for
>discussion of the theosophical philosophy?
>>>>>>> clip<<<<<<<<<

First of all, I think Ed should be congratulated for taking the time to
share his views.

The question of discussing Theosophical ideas and philosophy and their
"living" has been raised several times by several subscribers.

Each time when someone brought this up, it was repeatedly suggested that
they and others may want to start a new thread which might not only draw
attention but motivate subscribers to actively participate by posting their
responses. Most of the time we have not heard from the inquirers who
brought this up.

The fundamental question is who is going to bell the cat? How do we go
about giving a start in this direction? Any one who has an idea which they
think is going to work, may want to consider posting a topic or topics in
the hope it will be interesting enough to be followed up by many
subscribers. Some of us may have to pray and meditate hoping it would
produce some results soon.

Since the e-mail medium is the most levelling field, I have personally
encouraged any reluctant newbees to take courage and post anything even if
their Theosophical questions or ideas may seem off the wall, since all the
Theosophical Theories we discuss is *not* based on first hand knowledge of
any of us.

I don't see any reason for creating any more lists for Theosophy since John
Mead, had from day one several maillists ti-l, theos-buds, theos-roots, and

I am copying this to Ed.

My 0.02.

M K Ramadoss

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