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Re: Ed's exit

Mar 04, 1998 07:52 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Ken: Did you mail a copy of this response to Ed's e-mail address so that he
will be able to see your msg. If not you may want to send him a copy since
he is not subscribed here and he may not see your msg. I have copied all my
responses here and at theos-talk to his e-mail address.

At 09:30 AM 3/4/98 -0500, Ken wrote:
>Ed, how can anyone take you seriously when you drop your "stuff" on the
>group and then run off. I suspect as you skedaddle, you feel good having
>'tanked' everyone. What has really happened is that your own arguments
>are weakened then nullified. Unfortunately, you loose a valuable tool to
>work for your beliefs. Why did you do that to yourself, us and the TSA?

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