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Ed's exit

Mar 04, 1998 06:28 AM
by Ken Malkin


Ed, how can anyone take you seriously when you drop your "stuff" on the
group and then run off. I suspect as you skedaddle, you feel good having
'tanked' everyone. What has really happened is that your own arguments
are weakened then nullified. Unfortunately, you loose a valuable tool to
work for your beliefs. Why did you do that to yourself, us and the TSA?

It does not take an advanced degree to see that you are a participant in
what you so blithly accuse others of, or being vested in. Your actions
are indicative of what so many find repugnent about the "Wheatonists"
view, attitude and work.

If as you suggest this group splits then, you have taken yourself out of
the loop by only subscibing to an effort you find acceptable. Perhaps Ed
you may have a higher path to tread. If you bring reasoned answers to
the myriad 'political' and non-politcal questions that have been posed
on this list,  you will be working for Theosophy. Addressing the issues
is more theosophical than stating an opinion, and using someone else's
pithy work to descibe your edited feelings, then fleeing.

Ed, I for one appreciate the time you have taken to log on and off the
list. Seeking the democratic process is, I am sure, an integral part of
your makeup. Perhaps you may wish to stay a while and work toward a
larger idea, neh, the IDEAL of Theosophy with us.

Like you, we are just atoms trying to find the cell which is part of the
congerie that supports the organ etc..., that participates in the effort
of a greater being in whom we find out dharma.

Ken Malkin

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