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Re: Politics on the Theos discussion lists

Mar 04, 1998 07:52 AM
by John E Mead

hi -

I just have a couple points.

1) it is implicit in the first object that
any person who claims to be a theosophist
must be willing to accept differences between
individuals as well as (learn how to) interact
with those individuals constructively.  Internet
discussion lists are the perfect medium to allow
each individual to grow and experience *first
hand* exactly those difficulties which are
contained within the first object.

i.e. each theosophist had better learn how to get along
with ALL other theosophists *or* they will remain
in that state of total hypocrisy.  Using *silence*
as a technique to achieve the first object is
only ignoring the issue,  or worse yet...denying
their own reality and Karma.

2) Politics is inherent in our humanity and can
not be avoided on any unmoderated list.  Theosophists
do not even agree on what *is* political. One person's
expose of history or science is to another person
a political attack on their personal/religious beliefs.

peace -

john e. mead

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