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Re: NEWS: Religious censoring of the Internet (fwd)

Mar 09, 1998 12:06 PM
by Eldon B Tucker


>> Beware!  The Burning Times are back
>> The Burning Times are back.  This time in the form of
>> the filtering software Cybersitter produced by Solid Oak
>> Software Inc.

>Is Theosophy next?  The word "occult" might include us in the
>filtered-out category.

I've already seen this happen in one case. One person on
theos-talk started having their email bounced back to the
list, a few months ago, with the statement that the
messages contained "banned or potentially offensive text".
(There was nothing offensive or particularly bad in any
of the messages that were bounced.)

Another subscriber to THEOSOPHY WORLD cannot get every
issue. He's on, and some issues are bounced back,
with the message that the person doesn't want email with
attachements. There were, though, no attachements to the

-- Eldon

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