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Where did everybody go?

Mar 09, 1998 11:45 AM
by Thoa Tran

>Hey Doss,
>In the last four days, I've received one digest with one post...yours.
> Has everyone given up on the list or something?  (I just recently
>resubscribed, been busy lately)  Did they just move to another list?
>Like ti-l?

Hi Jaqi,

We're recovering from an argument over T.S. politics.  I think we lost some
subscribers, too.  I was getting sick of it, myself.  Oh, well, such is the
wonderfulness of free speech.  You have to take the bad with the good.  Of
the theosophy lists that I belong to, theos-l has people that I relate to
but who can't seem to get beyond the grudges against the T.S.
organization(s), theos-talk has some spiritual snobs, and ts-l is basically
an internet magazine with no interaction.  All that does not really inspire
me to put my time towards the devotion of internet theosophy.  However, I
feel toward the long time theos-l members as I would toward a family
member.  I may not agree with what they say, but I'm still fond of them.
Actually, I've been too busy preparing for the March 21st martial arts
tournament.  It's too much fun doing violence to my 6'4" guy partner.  This
is for centuries of the oppressed female!!!

Uh, are you the carrot, or are you Jaqi?

Thoa :o)

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