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Re: SD Symposium Newsletter

Mar 17, 1998 06:28 PM
by M K Ramadoss

If the files are available in a word processing format, they can be easily
posted on the Internet. Thus the proceedings will be accessible to overseas
people at no cost to them. This would be very appreciated by those from the
former East European countries. I am posting this to theos-l, theos-talk,
ti-l and theos-news for information.


At 09:07 PM 3/17/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>I am taking names and addresses for those interested in copies of the
>Symposium Proceedings, even if they are not able to attend the conference.
>The cost for the proceedings has not yet been determined, but should not be
>too much.
>Arden Strycker, Secretary
>Midwest Federation of TSA
>>Hi, Esterlla:
>>I will forward your msg to the contact point for the conference. I am sure
>>it should be possible. Let us see.
>>At 03:22 PM 3/17/1998 -0800, you wrote:
>>>M K Ramadoss wrote:
>>>> Here is the newsletter I just received. I am posting for info of
>>>> interested.
>>>> MKR
>>>> ===============================
>>>> Secret Doctrine Symposium III Newsletter
>>>> sponsored by
>>>> Midwest Federation
>>>> 100 SE 9th, Suite 902
>>>> Topeka, KS  66612
>>>> Phone  785-235-2801
>>>> March 7, 1998
>>>> Greetings S.D. Students!!!
>>>Thanks,Doss. Although i'm not going to the congress, is it possible a
>>>way to read the symposium memoirs (Respecting the international pepole
>>>> Responses from our international friends:
>>>> Gorbonos Yuri, Ukraine,
>>>> "Theosophical Discipleship in Russia"
>>>> "Cosmic and Human Consciousness"
>>>> Reinout Spaink, Netherlands,
>>>> TBD
>>>> M. Chon-ton Phan, France,
>>>> "The Human Stage"
>>>> Rudi Jansma, Netherlands,
>>>> "On Theosophy and Science" from the perspective of a biologist
>>>> The papers submitted are still being reviewed by the Committee.  We
>>>> adopted the same review criteria as outlined in the first S.D.
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