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Re: ACTivist

Mar 26, 1998 02:11 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

JRC wrote:

> >      My wife reads our copy of Quest, and then files it away somewhere so
> I
> >don't get to see it (or even find out it has arrived). In what issue are
> these
> >bylaw changes given? The New York Lodge's bylaws VERY specifically state
> that
> >assetts have to remain in New York if the Lodge is dissolved. Also, you may
> >recall that I have been lobbying to make it harder for National to dissolve
> a
> >Lodge; if they have made it easier, then I will protest most vigorously.
> >    Bart Lidofsky
> Its in the latest Quest (I just got it a week or two ago). Read it
> *carefully* (especially if you are part of a Lodge with significant assets).
> The bylaw would require you to *insert* language into your own bylaws.
> National has always had the power to form or dissolve Lodges, but this will
> give them unquestioned control of assets (assets that in most cases *they*
> didn't raise). (I am aware that you have looked deeply into the legalities
> surrounding Lodge property & ownership ... I suspect we may well agree about
> the potential ramifications of the proposed bylaws (-:). -JRC

    Yes, we do; this is EXTREMELY serious. While I see no new langauge making it
easier to dissolve a Lodge, it is clear that the language about requiring the
assets to be used locally has been removed. New York is having a Board meeting
tonight, and I will also see to it that John Sellon (the primary donor to our
Lodge) is also informed, in case he has not been.
    Bart Lidofsky

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