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Re: ACTivist

Mar 26, 1998 11:31 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

John R. Crocker wrote:

> How about the *current* slate of proposed bylaw changes. They are presented
> as changes of wording rather than "substance". I showed them to two
> attorneys I use for the non-profits I work for ... saying they are not
> "substantive" is more than just a slight distortion, its an outright lie.
> They are *significantly* substantive, *major* changes - the Wheaton Board of
> Directors will, at will, be able to dissolve any Lodge, sieze all of its
> assets, and will not even be constrained to use them in the area in which
> they were raised.-JRC

      My wife reads our copy of Quest, and then files it away somewhere so I
don't get to see it (or even find out it has arrived). In what issue are these
bylaw changes given? The New York Lodge's bylaws VERY specifically state that
assetts have to remain in New York if the Lodge is dissolved. Also, you may
recall that I have been lobbying to make it harder for National to dissolve a
Lodge; if they have made it easier, then I will protest most vigorously.

    Bart Lidofsky

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