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Feb 20, 1998 10:11 PM
by Ken Malkin

> …which has hopeful implications for the entire Society.  Miami
> lodge, which I have not visited, is a particularly shining
> example of a thriving group.  Is it any coincidence that it is
> among the most dissatisfied with the national administration?
> John Mead

Update Miami (Deerfield Beach), Chartered in 1912 by Annie Besant:

Starting with our move from Miami four years ago with a core group of
25, our 90 Plus members have an interest in a veritable cornucopia of
ideas. From Astrology to Zen, classes, workshops and programs are
presented most nights, weekends and at our Sunday “Speakers Forum” which
is our public meeting. Our library, consisting of 3000++ titles is
available free of charge to all members. It reflects the rather eclectic
view we have of theosophy and is used frequently by many.

Our bookstore, open to the public stocks a large selection of titles.
Some of the authors presented include Alice Bailey and travel to Yoga
Ramacharaka. Of course, you can find the entire works of HPB and many
other well known theosophical writers stocked on our shelves.

Our traditional theosophical classes and programs are attended by a
lessor number of people than other groups (3-5 attendees). While the
reasons for poor attendance vary, we maintain a prominent place in our
program for the dissemination of traditional Theosophy. Those who wish
to explore Theosophical concepts, find several courses throughout the
week available to them. Unlike our well attended public program on
Sunday (35-50 attendees), the reasons for poor turn out at theosophical
classes may be our own inability to make the information interesting
enough. The Secret Doctrine class is the one well attended theosophical
effort. It meets each Sunday and has a turn out between 8 and10 .

Three years ago, Linda Clarin, a “Star Trek” enthusiast started giving a
class on the “Spiritual Reality of Star Trek” it was well attended, and
proved among other things, Gene Rodenberry was a deeply soul filled man,
‘Spocks’ ears were kind of funky and purposeful, and that the scripts
always had a higher message.

Within a short time, Star Trek bore a sequel, it was our weekly
“Movies With A Theosophical Touch” presented to the members with the
public invited. The movie on Friday night usually had 20++ members and
public attendees. We rented a movie of common interest at a local
emporium, requested a free will donation, usually a dollar or two is
contributed and had a discussion of varying lengths after the
presentation. Some discussions were so intense they went past midnight.
While the list of movies is overlong, from the obvious ‘Ground Hog Day’
to the obscure ‘Dune’, we had great success. Unfortunately, Linda
married and moved to Chicago. It is planed to have the movie night begin
again soon.

Several social events during the year are sponsored by our lodge. The
most recent, a Valentine Night singles soiree had more than 70 people
enjoy the festivities.

If anyone wishes a copy of our bulletin, please let me know. I will be
glad to put you on the mailing list.

Ken Malkin,
Ist Vice President
The Theosophical Society in Miami and South Florida Inc.


The following was snipped from theos-l # 1433.

> Last I heard, he (edit Sy Ginsburg) ran for Southeast Directorship
(and I don't > > remember if he won or lost).
> Bart Lidofsky

Bart spoke to Sy Ginsburg having run for Southeast Director. I believe
he well and truly remembers the result of that stolen election.

To those of you who may not know what happened, the entire TSA
membership was given a ballott to vote for the illegal National by-law
changes. After the vote, not audited and with no one outside the BOD in
attendance for the count, thus assuring victory, the by-laws were

All members who had the right to vote for the by-law changes were sent
ballots for the national office and BOD elections soon after. When the
votes were counted, once again not audited, those members with less than
two years active membership had their votes voided. Sy lost the election
by fewer than 50 votes. 78 ballots were thrown out from our lodge alone.

It was obvious to everyone who was disenfranchised, this was another of
the loathsome tricks promulgated by the Wheatonists in their effort to
control the TSA. 18 members of our lodge subsequently resigned many
expressing disgust at the way they had been treated.

Ken Malkin

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