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Re: Theos-World Truth is higher than any religion/organization

Feb 20, 1998 07:49 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 12:23 AM 2/20/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>John E Mead InfoAvenue Operations wrote:
>> the members of the tsa do not trust the leadership
>> of the tsa.
>    Certainly there are members of the TSA who do not trust the
>leadership, but your statement, even taken figuratively, implies a
>majority. Can you expand upon that?
>> I will note for the record that Bart L. (upon direct
>> question) decided that John A, Joan, and Ruben,
>> could NOT be bothered with talking/responding to members
>> of the theos-talk and theos-L discussion lists.
>    I don't believe I ever said that; if that was inferred from what I
>said, then it was inferred incorrectly. It is my belief that it would be
>necessary to convince them that they would not be walking into a lynch
>mob where every word they say would be twisted into unrecognizeability
>and then used against them, and that would be a difficult task.
>    Bart Lidofsky

When HPB launched Theosophy, she used the print medium of that day. She
literally entered into a situation which was not very cozy to her point of
view and philosophy.

Internet is a very fast moving medium (24 hours a day, and not 8-5 and
postal delay of days.) It is going to require a lot of courage, skill and
talent to deal with so many here who are going to respond to any statement
that anyone makes, which we see every day. Hopefully there may be some
gentle and courages soul who may take on the task at some time in future.


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