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Re: An idea or oops

Feb 20, 1998 07:42 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Dear Pam:

Your observations are very welcome. To many of us who have been around TS
for some years input from new members like you is very refreshing.

One has to look at what is happening today. Most of the leadership of TS in
most countries are older ones many after having retired from a full time
job. Also they belong to a different generation and who grew up in a
different environment. Environment does have an effect. (We just saw the
difference in attitudes between young and old in the recent town hall
meeting at OSU where Clinton's top people tried to defend attacking Iraq).

Age may contribute to street smartness and I wonder whether age is
synonymous with Wisdom.

When you look at the activities at Wheaton, do you see any "Younger Hostel"
no. You see "Elder Hostel" being a success for past some years. May be the
latter is bringing in the money and the former would be a money loser from
a business standpoint.

Your point about all being most attendees being white is well taken. In the
last ten years only once that a single member of the Board of Directors
mentioned in his statement when he ran for the office the need to do
something to do something to attract others.

I am also glad that you are a beneficiary of Internet. It is a medium that
has such potential that we are yet to tap it. I think the leadership, yet
to come to grips with Internet as an active tool of multi-way communication
with members and others interested in Theosophy.

Theosophy and TS are on very solid foundation and you are in good company.

Feel free to post anything you want and we are all tuned in.


At 07:52 PM 2/20/1998 -0600, you wrote:
>Thoa writes:
>> Upon reflection and seeing the various responses, I realized that I had
>> business making comments on TS politics or getting involved with it.  In
>> fact, I actually have no desire to get anywhere close to anything
>> like politics.  I'll keep myself away from those topics from now on.
>> you stick your nose where it doesn't belong, you risk it getting bitten
>> off.  I think I'll go read some writings by Lao Tsu and Krisnamurti.
>I enjoyed your perspective on this issue and I think many of your comments
>are right on target.  I've only been a member of TS for a year.  My
>physical world contact with TS has been through the Wheaton group and
>frankly, if it wasn't for other TS contacts via this email list, I'd be
>dropping my membership at next renewal.  My experience of TS via Wheaton is
>that of a stagnant organization stuck in the 19th century.  I've attended a
>number of events there where I'm amoung the youngest participant --I'm 41.
>Most events are geared to older participants who are content with the
>passive lecturer-audience style of communication.  Most attendees are
>white, over 60, or generally lacking any broad-based grounding in occult,
>metaphysics, or cross-religious study. All this from a group that is
>centrally located
>in the high-tech Silicon Prairie of the Chicago metropolitan community --an
>area rich in cross-cultural diversity and sprouting many Hindu and Buddhist
>I hesitated to respond before because I've only been a member a short time.
> Also, there's been a fair amont of flaming lately and I don't like
>providing energy to such embers.  From conversations on this list I've
>become aware that there are active TS groups that are running rivers and
>not stagnant ponds.  This list has helped me see a broader view of TS than
>the local center provides and I am thankful for that.  Granted I usually
>just read,  but take it as a compliment --some of you are just so clever
>and eloquent
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