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Mirors with too many blind spots

Feb 20, 1998 02:29 AM
by Nicole Suter

john e. mead writes: "the members of the tsa do not trust the
leadership of the tsa".

Have you ever read anything like "where there is no leader,
there is no one to follow"?

I feel so bored here and I but lost patience - one has to speak
about the same things sevenhundret times - but it doesn't seem
go into peoples heads/hearts. It's incredible. I but wonder
WHY the hell you don't get it. And if you do, why don't you
live it? Why do you only reflect it to somebody else whom
you judge to be someone who doesn't live it? I simply can't
understand this - it's too high for me.

However I but dreamed last night that I subscribe and that's
exactly what I do. Maybe I come back one day, maybe I don't.

Mazel Tov,
:-)) Ajax glasklar

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